Adaptogens & Supplements for mental & physical health. Sustainably sourced and harvested by hand for maximum medicinal benefit. 

Nothing added...just nothing!

Our ethos is simple which is to offer the healthiest, purest range of products available. 

There are so many "healthy" products on offer, yet on closer inspection they are filled with artificial sweeteners, fillers and binders which are at odds with what we are trying to achieve. Our adaptogens Rhodiola and Chaga are wild harvested by us in northern Scandinavia. 

We also offer a range of plant based nutrition via Rawsport Scandinavia. These supplements are the best on the planet! Organic pure proteins that also have superfoods and anti-inflammatories, pro and prebiotics so your whole system is benefiting from taking it as part of your daily routine. Visit www.rawsport.se for more information and to buy. 


Total Health packaging is plastic free. However Some products supplied on this site manufactured by 3rd parties do still use plastic packaging. We are working with our suppliers, sourcing plant plastic and renewable stuff! In the meantime we ask that you please be a recycling hero and rinse, recycle, repeat.